List of changes in bytran releases

Version 1.4   (update issued May - June 2019), updates for iOS, Linux and Raspbian to be issued with version 1.5 release.
1) Calculation speed improvements.
2) HITRAN files may now be stored and accessed in a binary format for faster read times and calculations.
3) Kielkopf algorithm in the notation given by Schreier (http(s)://www.bytran.org/kielkopf.htm) for the calculation of the Voigt profile was added for fast low accuracy estimates.
4) The downloaded HITRAN data, the calculation results, and the configuration file may now be optionally stored on an external SD card as opposed to the internal storage.

Version 1.3.2   (update issued January - February 2019), Linux and Raspbian versions have not been released due to OpenSSL libraries linkage issues..
1) Fixed a mistake in the bytran algorithm in that the Loschmidt's number was specified at a standard temperature of 273.15K instead of at 296K (an ~ 8% difference).
2) Fixed a programming error (affecting Android only) preventing the usage of the external storage causing bytran to terminate after the HITRAN database downloads and on program quit.

Version 1.3.1   (update issued December 2018 - February 2019), expected Linux and Raspbian versions to become available Spring 2019.
1) Adding missing OpenSSL libraries ( http://www.openssl.org ) and making other changes to enable connection over secure HTTP (HTTPS) which is now required to access the HITRANonline server.

Version 1.3  (released: September 14 - 20, 2018)
Version 1.3 - New features introduced:
1) Added capability to control bytran remotely (over WiFi / Ethernet, Bluetooth, and the Serial Port) using the bytran communication protocol.
2) Added support of the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat
3) Added the spectrum pan feature and the spectrum coordinate rulers on zoom.
4) Calculated data made available as absorption cross-section
5) Added Radiance calculations for individual molecules
6) Added cosine instrument function (from HAPI)
Version 1.3 - Bugs and operational issues fixed:
7) Improved HITRAN Total Internal Partition Sum (TIPS) files download handling to better adjust to the increasing number of TIPS files available.
8) Updated the Android permission request code
9) Made changes for correct handling of CO2 isotopologues number 11, and 12
10) Made changes to correct a 1 wavenumber datagrid point shift in the plot resulting in a spectral line position shift error equal to the current wavenumber grid resolution (this only affects the plot and does not affect the results saved to a file).
11) Fixed a bug where bytran would not start unless an internet connection is present
12) Fixed the numerical text input assignment issue where the values would frequently default to 0 or other numbers during input
13) Fixed a bug where bytran would crash if the display is touched while the calculation is running.

Version 1.2 (released: April - May, 2018)
1) Added support for the SensorTag module
2) Slight improvement of the TIPS data handling.
3) Fixed a bug with the text input changing values to 0 when completely erased

Version 1.1 (released: July 2017)
1) Updated interface with Quick Controls 2.0
2) Added limited support of the built in cell phone sensors

Version 1.0 (released: May - September, 2016.  Exact release dates varied depending on platform).

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