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An ongoing update to version 1.3.1 is meant to enable secure HTTP (HTTPS) connection now required to access the HITRANOnline server.   This update is expected to be completed for all platforms in early February of 2019.   Versions of bytran below 1.3.1 are being removed from the archive.   They would no longer function due HITRANOnline switch to secure HTTP in the Fall of 2018.   Version 1.0 of bytran was also affected by slight changes in the HITRANOnline TIPS file format made in the summer of 2017.

An older version 1.1 is available for Windows Phone 8 which was adjusted to enable HTTPS connection to the HITRAN server and as such called version 1.1.1.   It should be possible to also compile other older versions of bytran (except for version 1.0) to work with the secure connection now requred to access HITRANOnline.   In order to do so one needs to modify all HITRANOnline related web addresses in bytran to have a secure conneciton prefix HTTPS instead of the previously used HTTP (these addresses to be modified are located in the bytrancore.cpp bytran source file).

version 1.3.2   –
version 1.3.1   –
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) – 64 bit
version 1.3.2   –  or from the  Microsoft Store
version 1.3.1   –
version 1.3.2   –   bytran-Ver1.3.2-MacOS-Desktop.dmg
version 1.3.1   –   bytran-Ver1.3.1-MacOS-Desktop.dmg
version 1.3   –   bytran-Ver1.3-UbuntuLinux-Desktop.tar.xz
version 1.3   –   bytran-Ver1.3-RaspbianLinux-Desktop.tar.xz
version 1.3.2   –   bytran-Ver1.3.2-Android.apk  or from  Google Play
version 1.3.1   –   bytran-Ver1.3.1-Android.apk
version 1.3.2   –  or from the  App Store
version 1.3.1   –
Windows 10 Mobile – ARM
version 1.3.2   –  or from the  Microsoft Store
version 1.3.1   –
Windows Phone 8 – ARM
version 1.1.1   –  or from the  Microsoft Store -|- 2018     To report a bug or suggest a feature please email us: