Bytran deactivated on the App Store until after an update is issued

May 27, 2022:

The iOS version of bytran 1.3.2 (available on the App Store since January 31, 2019) was deactivated on the App Store on April 21, 2022 because it was no longer considered to follow the App Store Review Guidelines, per an email from App Store Connect on March 21, 2022: "does not follow one or more of the App Store Review Guidelines".

Contacting App Store Connect did not provide a more specific clarification.   However from the link to the App Store Improvements document they provided the most likely reason for removal appears to be the lack of updates to bytran for over 3 years.

Bytran will not be back at the App Store until after an update is issued.  We are currently unable to provide an estimated timeline for the update.   The return of bytran to the App Store may only happen with the release of bytran version 1.5.

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