We would like to thank people listed below for providing feedback which helped improve bytran:

1)  Reviewers of the bytran paper especially Reviewer number 3 who authored the following review statement: "The paper would be a lot stronger if even a single example of a practical use (ie a real-world, active implementation) for bytran can be given.",  September 2016 - January 2017.

2)  Geoffrey W. Reynolds (The Procter and Gamble Company, United States) for pointing out a Loschmidt's number error in the bytran theory and source code in that the Loschmidt's number was erroneously specified at a standard temperature of 273.15K instead of at 296K causing ~ 8% difference in calculated Optical Depth,  January 2019.

3)  Other people who have reported bytran crashes and nonresponsiveness, and suggested new features.
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