We thank people listed below for providing comments and feedback which helped improve bytran or for citing the bytran publications:

1)  Reviewers of the main bytran paper especially Reviewer number 3 who authored the following review statement: "The paper would be a lot stronger if even a single example of a practical use (ie a real-world, active implementation) for bytran can be given.",  September 2016 - January 2017.

2)  Reviewer number 1 of the JQSRT paper (see the ''Acknowledgements'' section in this publication for more details),  February - June 2021.

3)  Geoffrey W. Reynolds (The Procter and Gamble Company, United States) for pointing out a Loschmidt's number error in the bytran theory and source code in that the Loschmidt's number was erroneously specified at a standard temperature of 273.15K instead of at 296K causing ~ 8% difference in calculated Optical Depth,  January 2019.

4)  A special thank you to the authors of a May 2022 CEP Magazine article being the first time bytran has been mentioned in a publication of this kind (Charles A. Brown, P.E., David E. Archer, Valerie L. Young, "Introducation to an Atmospheric Radiation Model", CEP Magazine, May 2022) which happened after 3 years since the last bytran update (issued in 2019) and the bytran deactivation on the App Store.

5)  Other people who have reported bytran crashes and nonresponsiveness, and suggested new features.
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