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May 15, 2023:  We have started porting the bytran source code to the newest Qt editions (versions 6.5.0 and 5.15.2).  We will post an update on the progress here shortly after June 15, 2023.

April 6, 2023 March 22, 2023:  We will not be making the March 22, 2023 deadline.  However the work on bytran is now being resumed.  We will post an update on the progress here after June 15, 2023 May 25, 2023.

December 2, 2022:  Based on multiple requirements we have established the deadline for the bytran 1.5 update.  The updated deadline is March 22, 2023.

December 2, 2022:  There has been a switch of servers where the bytran.org website is hosted which resulted (among other changes) in a different handling of the SSL certificates.  Due to this switch the bytran might no longer initizlize properly (get stuck at the splash screen and fail to start).  This issue will only be properly fixed with the bytran 1.5 update.

August 1, 2022:  Beginning November 1, 2022 the visibility of bytran on Google Play will be further reduced to exclude newer devices (see this announcement: Target API level requirements for Google Play apps).

May 27, 2022:  Bytran deactivated on the App Store likely due to the lack of updates in over 3 years (more information).

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